Tuesday, 11 December, 2018

Circuit Preaching Plan

View the Circuit Preaching Plan for past or coming months by clicking the links below. To view you may need a PDF document reader, such as Adobe Reader (available from www.adobe.com).


Latest Plan:

September-November 2018 (PDF)

September-November 2018 (Excel)


Past Months:

June-August 2018

March-May 2018



Local Preachers can submit availability dates for the next plan by clicking the following link: http://ghav.chrestos.co.uk



The following abbreviations are used in the preaching plan:

AAW All Age Worship
AS All Souls Service
B Baptism
BB Boys’ Brigade
CA Church Anniversary
CS Circuit Service
CT Christingle
GD Gift Day
HC Holy Communion
HS Healing & Wholeness Service
LA Local Arrangement
MS Memorial Service
P&W Praise & Worship
(R) Reader/Helper Service
SBS Shoebox Sunday
SoP Songs of Praise
SSA Sunday School Anniversary
(T) Transport Needed
TS Trial Service
US United Service