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A Focus on Methodist Discipleship

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Martyn Atkins, General Secretary of the Methodist Church, talks about Discipleship in the Methodist Church:


How has your understanding of being a Methodist changed from what you have listened to?

      • Martyn talked about ‘dirty fingernail spirituality’ – how do you respond to this? From your own experience, how has your spirituality been dirty finger nailed?
      • Is the experience of the local church always about settlement and being static? Why or why not?
      • What does God want of you – individually, as a group, as a church or as a community?
      • What image of Jesus do you follow?

See www.methodist.org.uk/dsign for more.

Martyn’s book on discipleship can be downloaded by clicking here.



One Response to “A Focus on Methodist Discipleship”
  1. Ron Mabe says:

    Leaving aside the one or two spelling mistakes and the numerous grammatical errors I found the book heavy going but very interesting and challenging. I am pleased that senior members of the Connexion recognise that we have serious problems to which there are no quick or obvious answers.With fewer active members and a membership made up predominantly of “over 60’s” there is litle discussion or positive action mainly because the “active” members are old, tired and often have serious health issues. It is only with the extaordinary commitment of the faithful few that we achieve what we do. So far I have found no-one else who has read the book and that makes discussion impossible. I plan to read it again, commit it to God in my personal prayers and to include parts of it in group prayer meetings.

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