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YouVersionThe Bible App™ is a free Bible for mobile devices. Based on the online Bible, YouVersion.com, the Bible App allows users to read the Bible, share verses with their social networks, bookmark their favorite passages, and more—all in a format that keeps up with their increasingly mobile lifestyle.

YouVersion and the Bible App were created by a team at LifeChurch.tv in Edmond, Oklahoma, to help increase access and engagement with the Bible. Featuring hundreds of versions in more than 100 languages, YouVersion was created to help people with busy, on-the-go lifestyles read the Bible at any time and in any place. Since its creation, YouVersion is one of the top downloaded apps in the reference category and is the most downloaded Bible on iTunes.

The Bible app can be downloaded for free from all major app stores and at www.youversion.com/download.

Bible App Features (vary with mobile platform)

• Bible reader: Users read the Bible on their mobile device, choosing from hundreds of versions (including audio) and more than 100 languages.
• Reading Plans: Hundreds of plans help users read the Bible regularly by serving up daily selections of Scripture.
• Personalization: Notes, bookmarks, and highlights help users personalize their interaction with Scripture, much as they might with a print Bible.
• Synced between platforms: Users can pick up where they left off whether they are reading on their computer, phone, or tablet. Reading plans, bookmarks, notes and more are accessible on all platforms.
• Easy to use: Even people who are new to the Bible can quickly find chapters and verses, switch between versions to compare text, or search the entire Bible for a word, phrase, or verse, and get results in seconds.
• Social network connections: Users share favorite verses and reading plan progress on Twitter and Facebook.
• Notes: Users can journal thoughts privately or choose to share them with others. The community can access all of the contributions for a verse simply by clicking on it and viewing related notes.
• Offline: Some versions are available for download directly to mobile devices for use in airplane mode or when outside of network coverage.

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