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Pontnewynydd Organist Celebrates 70 Years

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John Griffiths from Pontnewynydd is celebrating 70 years of being behind the keys. He started playing at the chapel in 1940 when he played for the Sunday School. The story has been taken up by local newspapers South Wales Argus and the Pontypool Free Press.


2 Responses to “Pontnewynydd Organist Celebrates 70 Years”
  1. Doreen Nightingale says:

    Oh super! It is time John was recognised. I met him at a funeral there in September and got in touch with the Free Press. He has ‘always been there’ and maybe has been taken for granted! Methodist Music Society next, I think! A grand chap!

  2. Doreen Nightingale says:

    Feb. 23rd – Yes I understand John did receive his long service Certificate from the Methodist Music Society in January at the annual ‘Covenant Service’. It had been due at Christmas but John had been prevented from travelling by the snowy weather. I have heard, since, of another grand gentleman, a Methodist too, who has played for 80 years and is still playing! Keep up the good work, the two of you!!! I am sure there are many other stalwarts around whom we do not know of. Good, inspiring organists should be valued more than they are. The rest, who do not get the timing right etc. etc. and are boring just do their best: that is all they can do – but sometimes it is better (and effective) to sing unaccompanied.

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